Somewhere out there…

“There isn’t a condom in the world that will protect your heart.”
– Pam Stenzel 

Somewhere out there is the girl that you’re going to marry someday.  Do you want some guy to have sex with her because he isn’t worried about the consequences?  If you are considering having sex with a girl, keep in mind that some day she is going to be someone’s wife.  Treat that girl the way that you would want someone to treat your future wife.  If you aren’t willing to do this, be willing to admit that you lack character and integrity.


Daniel and the Lion’s Den

  When people have authority they often get to appoint people to oversee those under them.  In this particular case, a man named Daniel is given a place of authority as an administrator.  Because Daniel was so distinguished compared to the other administrators, he was going to be in charge.  All of the other administrators were ticked off because they wanted to have his position.  They tried to find a way to get him in trouble but they were unable to because he was a man of integrity.

The other administrators decided to go over his head and convince the King that they should pollute the world with pornography.  They should have soft porn on cable TV, hardcore in movies and magazines, strip clubs in nearly every city, and brothels where prostitution took place.  They should create technology to put porn on phones, computers, and on billboards.  If they could entice everyone with the lure of pornography, they could possibly get Daniel to compromise his integrity.  When he did this he would be trapped and would no longer have the same amount of power.  They also said that you weren’t allowed to worship other gods than the ones endorsed by the country.  You were allowed to worship celebrities, money, and sex but all other gods would be considered idols.  So they put this decree in writing.  The decree stated that anyone who even prayed to another god would be thrown into the Lion’s Den.  They knew that they would get Daniel now.Daniel heard about the decree and he went and locked himself in his room.  He spent hours on his knees praying to the God of the Bible and giving him thanks as he had always done.  The other administrators found Daniel in his room praying and asking God for help.  They went to the king and reminded him about what they must do to Daniel because he was praying to the God of the Bible.  Because of this, the king ordered to throw Daniel into the Lion’s Den.  The king said “may your God rescue you”, in a mocking tone of voice.  The locked him in the Lion’s Den so he was unable to get out.  Daniel was surrounded by the luring temptations of porn and sensation that surrounded him; movies, games, lingerie, magazines, novelty items, etc.  Everywhere he looked he was surrounded by the gods of sex and lust.  He remained steadfast on his knees in prayer asking that God protect him from the temptations. After being locked in for one day, the king came to see if Daniel had been rescued from the Lion’s Den.  Daniel told the king of how God had protected him and how he wasn’t hurt and he was found innocent in the eyes of God even while trapped in such an evil place.  The king gave orders to be removed from the Lion’s Den and Daniel remained unscathed.  The men who had accused Daniel of worshipping the God of the Bible were then thrown into the Lion’s Den.  They were overpowered and devoured by the temptations of porn.  The king then responded that everyone must worship the God of the Bible because he rescues and saves from the enemy.  As a result of his integrity and faith, Daniel lived a life of prosperity.    It is interesting to me that there are adult superstores all over the country and they are called the Lion’s Den.  This story is similar to the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den in the Bible.  I believe that there are many well-meaning people who worship the God of the Bible living with me in this world that is saturated with sex and pornography.  We feel like it is overbearing and often it seems as if there is no way that we can avoid it.  Many teens give in to the pressure and participate in the watching of movies, the viewing of magazines, and other pornographic acts that can destroy us.  It seems as if we are trapped in a literal Lion’s Den and porn is hard to avoid.  We can learn from the example of Daniel, that God’s power is greater than the powers of porn and sex.  He is able to rescue us and save us from any temptation that comes our way.  One of our greatest assets as believers is prayer.  When we are constantly talking with our Lord, He is close to us.  The apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Thessalonians that we should, “Pray continually”.  While that may not seem practical or even possible it is necessary in order to refrain from the temptations that pornography often throws at us.  When the pop-up appears if we are praying, we will have the power to click out of it.  When friends pressure us to participate, God will give us the strength to remain pure.        

To read about this great man of faith grab a Bible and check out Daniel 6. 

who is god online?

If you google individual words pertaining to pornography, here is what you will find:

786 million hits

276 million hits

238 million hits

If you google individual words pertaining to Christianity, here is what you will find:

727 million hits

210 million hits

149 million hits

It appears as if sex, xxx, and porn are more often thought about, wrote about, and looked at than the very God who made us.  It seems as if sex is the online god!  Think about it…

Ted Bundy’s Last Interview

Ted Bundy was a serial killer between the years 1973 and 1978. He twice escaped from county jails before his final apprehension in February 1978. After more than a decade of vigorous denials, he eventually confessed to over 30 murders, although the actual total of victims remains unknown. Estimates range from 26 to over 100, the general estimate being 35. He also engaged in rape and necrophilia.   Bundy was executed for his last murder by the state of Florida in 1989.  This is his last interview:

Protect your blind side

The “blind side“… it’s a movie, a book, and a reference to protecting something important.  When you watch a football game, you will notice that certain players seem to garner more attention than others.  Quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers seem to get the most attentiong.  Michael Lewis would disagree.  He wrote a book called The Blind Side argues that the most important position on a football team is the offensive left tackle.  Why?  Because when a quarterback is dropping back to throw, he has a clear view to his right but not to his left.  The offensive left tackle must protect the quarterback from what he can’t see.  He must protect the blind side

Most people I know admit that they don’t want to look at porn.  Most people are pretty good at protecting themselves from renting a pornographic movie, or from buying a pornographic magazine.  But what happens when porn attacks from where they least expect it.  How are people protecting their blind side

How are you prepared to respond when a co-worker hits on you?  How are you prepared to react when you get a sext message?  What happens when you get a pop up on the internet with nudity?  How are you protecting your blind side?  Jake Long is protecting Chad Henne… who or what is protecting you?

Hookers for Jesus

Annie Lobert of Hookers For Jesus shares her story of being a high class prostitute in Las Vegas for over 11 years, and how a cocaine drug overdose almost took her life.


Jenna Haze (pray for porn stars)

I believe that we must pray for people instead of passing judgment on them.  For whatever reason, girls become Porn Stars.  We don’t know their stories, but there is a face behind every statistic.  When we quote stats about the amount of money the porn industry makes each year, it is because they hire women to have sex on camera and then solicit the women’s body by selling sex to people all over the world!  Every Star has a name, face, and a story.  I believe we must go to the Lord and pray for them by name.  Because of this, I will feature a Porn Star that we can pray for every once in a while.  When you read this post, don’t pass judgment, but rather pray for them by name!

Jenna Haze was awarded Female Performer of the Year in 2009 by AVN.  She has appeared in more than 400 pornographic films.  She is from California and still resides there.  She dropped out of school at the age of 15 when she discovered boys and sex.  She never went back.  She began stripping at the age of 18 and entered the industry when she was 19. 

Lord… Jenna is Your daughter!  It breaks my heart that she has chosen this for her life and I know that you want something greater for her.  Please get her attention.  Use those who love you to reach out to her and point her to the love and hope that only you can offer.  In the name of Christ Jesus draw her to your heart… Amen!

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